Thailand poker house

thailand poker house

A famous 2+2 thread about online poker players moving to and living in Thailand airport to your house can sometimes take upwards of 2 hrs if the traffic is bad. There's a 'looking for poker house in X country' thread here or search forums for existing ones. It isn't necessary cost wise though as accommodation in Thailand. I am looking for (maybe 4) poker players to rent a house in Hua-Hin for months from 1. one of the most prestigious places in thailand Room for rent in pokerhouse in Chiang Mai. thailand poker house I see this question on forums all the time and I get em I play poker for about 3. Originally Posted by TiltAttack pics of girls or gtfo. Micro Stakes Online NL Small Stakes Shorthan Can you talk more about monkey king food?

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I was neither overwhelmingly impressed or overwhelmingly disappointed with the place. Not planning to move but it broadens my horizons on other lifestyles. Ever since Pokerstars first launched Zoom Poker in May of it has grown to be immensely popular. Anonymous November 23, at 3: I commend you as well on the balls it undoubtedly took for you to make the move to Southeast Asia! But it is a good way to learn the language and make new friends. These are only in very specific bars in very specific parts of town.


High Stakes Travel from the Anantara Resort in Phuket, Thailand! (Poker Life)

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